Eliminate Technology Concerns with Managed Services

Managed ServicesFrustrated with slow response times from your current IT provider? Tired of technicians who only speak in tech jargon? Fed up with surprise charges on your IT bills?

Life is much easier when your IT provider is honest, efficient and personable. From network security to computer hardware, we’re ready and able to handle all your IT support needs, at a fraction of the cost of an on-staff IT department.

Why Managed IT Support?

Every company would love to have an on-staff IT department, with skilled technicians and experienced tech leaders to help manage IT operations, plan for the future, and ensure success in a business. However, in today’s market, maintaining an on-staff IT department is a huge challenge for most small and mid-size businesses. Between high salaries, limited candidates, and a highly competitive market, it can be nearly unfeasible for an SMB to have a quality IT department.

This makes outsourced IT support an attractive option for many businesses. Rather than having to pay the salaries and benefits for multiple employees, plus the concern that in such a competitive market they could be gone the next week, businesses are turning to Managed Service Providers to handle their networks and data.

What are Managed Service Providers?

Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, are companies that perform the tasks of a typical IT department for businesses. By outsourcing IT needs, small and mid-sized organizations can focus resources on core business, and avoid the difficult task of hiring a knowledgeable, yet affordable, IT staff.

Unfortunately, many MSPs and other outsourced IT providers thrive on what’s known as the break-fix model. Essentially, these companies take a “hands-off” approach to your network, waiting for something to break. Once something goes wrong, it’s usually days before a technician looks at the issue, all while billing outrageous hourly rates for even the most basic work. “Service levels” mean many companies bill differently for different work, with business-critical devices often costing exorbitant hourly labor rates. Finally, many IT providers partner with specific vendors, which leads to grossly over-engineered solutions that serve to pad their bottom line.

Why Managed IT Support with Descent Technologies?

At Descent Technologies, we want to be your business partner. We value long-term, beneficial business relationships that allow us to grow together. Because of this, we reject the break-fix model. Break-fix costs more in the long run than Managed IT Support, as break-fix requires costly downtime before an issue is addressed. Instead, we will be your IT department, proactively maintaining and monitoring all facets of your network, preventing issues before they occur. Since your costs are fixed, it’s in our best interest to prevent problems from arising, as opposed to the break-fix guys, who hope problems arise. In addition, we do not partner with any specific vendors, as we believe every IT project is unique – there is no one-size-fits-all solution for IT problems.


Managed IT Support Is…

Comprehensive IT Plan
24/7 Monitoring
Unlimited Remote Support Available
Regular Computer and Network Maintenance
Regular On-Site Time
On-Site and Cloud-Replicated Backups
Near-Instant Server Recovery
Patch Management
Monthly Network Health Reports
Urgent Emergency Care Response for After-Hours
Cloud-Managed Firewall
Cloud-Managed Anti-Virus
Web Content and Security Filtering
Cloud-Hosted Email
Consulting for IT Project and Software Development